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In 2011, at age 38, I woke up one morning and all I could see was a grey dot in my right eye. I called my former eye doctor. Was told it was an emergency, could be x, y, or z. When can I be seen? Oh we can't see you today. Wait? WHAT?!?!? Emergency yet can't be seen!?!?!? After frantically searching for someone on a Saturday I found Dr. Gambino. Please come in straight away. After looking me over, he said let me call someone I know, as this could be an emergency. That doctor in turn ran a bunch of tests, and at 38, I had cataracts. And because Dr. Gambino made time for me, I won't go anywhere else. The whole office is kind and treats you well. Office has permission to use my photo..
Best eye doctor that I have ever dealt with! Friendly staff who are easy to work with!!! Thumbs up!!!!
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KyleSaturday, 7/16/16, 1:42 PM

I love having the VST lenses! They are great for me as I am an athlete, since I don't have to worry about contacts during the day.
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“Amazing. I would highly recommend.”
– Kimberly Floyd
.Janet G
That was very thorough and I didn't wait! I will never procrastinate on getting an eye exam again! I'm sending my father and friends there. Great location - right off the highway! Great Price!

Kelly Jensen
By far my favorite eye doctor. Very patient, very accommodating.
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